Jeff Callan

Shamrock Highlands Founder and Managing Partner

Jeff Callan has a long history in racing horses and business management. Starting in Harness Racing in the 1980s in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, Jeff was an owner, breeder, trainer and Q level driver driving qualifying races as well as county fair races. Although a small, family-owned business, his experience was hands-on in all phases and required his full attention to every phase of the business, including care, nutrition, training and racing.

On the thoroughbred side of racing, Jeff has spent the last 15 years studying pedigrees and breeding statistics as well as following successful horses through their careers, watching and analyzing tens of thousands of races.

A typical morning starts at 5 AM, reviewing the major tracks and paying special attention to Maidens and NW races, analyzing and replaying each detail for future reference while looking for the early hidden signs of forward performance.

In the business world, Jeff held such positions as Plant Manager, Engineering Manager, and Quality Manager in the automotive industry, and has run a successful consulting company since 2002, helping automotive and heavy truck suppliers all over the world in achieving operational excellence and top-class quality performance. In almost two decades, all of his client companies were repeat customers or proud referrals because of his reputation in the industry.

In this, like his racing and ownership endeavors, he is “boots on the ground” and involved in the fine detail work that splits the difference between ‘good’ and ‘exceptional’.