Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is a simple one.  It starts with detailed research, then shifts to proper nutrition, proper care, proper conditioning, and proper classification. These are the four cornerstones that make up a foundation of success. Your handlers, trainers, and managing partners take hands-on care of all aspects to ensure that a maximum potential of return is realized.

Our pedigree/performance formula, mechanics and physical review of potential acquisitions puts us a leg-up on the competition. There are certain 'must have' criteria and other 'deal-breaker' criteria metrics we look at that gives us the edge in acquisitions and increases the probability of future success. The Managing partners each bring a perspective that together make for a winning combination. The goal is to maximize value and return potential and getting to the winner’s circle at a high strike rate.

From the day we discuss your goals and objectives, through acquisition, to the training barn, race dates, and finally--through the sale or disposition of the asset--we work closely with our designated trainers to monitor progress and develop ongoing strategies to make the most of your investment dollars. As your partners, we treat these investments as our own--because they are.