What We Do for Our Partners

We find, evaluate and deeply research potential prospects.

We will look at and review hundreds of horses, eventually yielding 25-30 that we see potential in. We proceed in ranking these, consider veterinary reports, physical review and acquisition costs per the value of the horse. These additional factors will disqualify many of them before we find 10-15 that fit the criteria.

Finally, when we execute the acquisition strategy (via private purchase, public sale, or through claims) we close only on assets that have the markers of improving value. After our purchase, we allocate partnership shares on a first-come first-served basis, making offerings that first consider your particular strategy.

Typically, we keep a percentage of each horse we buy so that we remain partners with you. We arrange for shipment of the acquisition, selecting an appropriate region and an established trainer that we are already associated with. Once our horse has its new home, we follow up with our trainers to assist in managing the horse and their progress. Patience in both the acquisition and development process are required to achieve maximum potential of the investment.

We keep our partners up to date, providing ongoing details about the management of their investment

  • We advise on race dates when entered and provide post-race feedback and analysis when the race is over.
  • We monitor progress, communicating positives and negatives. Transparency is key.
  • We provide updates on our trainers' actions and our course of action in improving each horse so that our partners are always informed on what to expect from their investments.

We provide access to deeper information and multimedia to bring our partners into the barn

  • Track your horses with pedigrees on our website
  • Training updates with times and dates
  • Pictures and videos
  • Race entries, post-race feedback
  • Access to where they are training (by prior arrangement)

Direct access to your Managing Partners for additional communication

  • Communicate any time via phone or video chat to get additional information, discuss strategies, and address concerns

If and when you choose to sell all or any of your investments, we act as your agent, getting you top-dollar for your shares.