Stakeholder Examples

For the client that wants to race NOW:
Let us know you want to strictly keep to the claiming partnership. The major development time and cost are already done, and upside potential exists, but generally at a lower level than other strategies. The risk is you do not have the opportunity to vet or closely examine the claiming horse.

For the client that wants to invest in young horses in training:
Consider the horses in the training partnership segment. These can be from usually 2-5 months duration to properly condition and develop. Some closer to their first start than others. These can be properly vet examined and personally hands on reviewed and already have indications in their current training of some level of ability. Higher level of upside potential in this group than the claiming group as a rule

For the client that wants to start from the beginning:
Our yearling and 2YO horses just getting started are the investments you want. These can also be properly vet examined and hands-on reviewed. Given where they are (just broke or not-yet broke) their potential ability is by pedigree and physical hands-on review. Longer development time and costs are the downside here offset by a potential very high upside of course, there are benefits and risks to each one and potentially more upside on the longer-term investments. These are critical to match with your goals, objectives and risk tolerance level and will be very different for each investor.

One example of a solid strategy is to distribute the risk over let’s say 3, 5, or more horses.

  • In Development 3 horses 10-20% each
  • Claiming horses 2 horses 10-20% each
  • 2-Year-olds just getting started- 1-2 horses 10 % each
  • Yearlings/Weanlings 1-2 horses at 10% each

This represents the expenses of 90-140% of a single horse, except that the costs in our example above are distributed over 7-9 horses.
The intent is a greater chance at generating cash flow to offset the greater costs of bigger upside-potential horses while also enjoying the thrill of watching more of your horses race.

We realize that one size does not fit all. This is the very foundation of our business. From the person who wants 10% of 2 horses to watch and enjoy with family and friends and just test the waters to the higher end investor with five figures or more to invest in looking to catch “the one” and everyone in between, we welcome you. You are exactly who we're here to partner with!