Our Mission

As people with a passion for thoroughbred racing, our vision was to find a way to dive into the sport with a group of like-minded people who share our passion, but might not have the time to manage a twenty-horse stable, or the raw capital to lease and staff that stable in its formative years.

Our mission is to share our passion and the joy of racing with anyone that wants to be involved in the exciting thoroughbred industry—to make thrill of ownership accessible and affordable at a level anyone can afford...even those of us who aren’t quite ‘kings’. Our mission is to bring to our partners the joy in watching their racehorses race throughout the year, to see their stable, assets and talent develop while sharing the stakes with a passionate community much like themselves. At its core, our mission is the stewardship and passion in growing our partners’ equity in order to build a racing enterprise that can compete with the best in the industry while sharing in the joy, excitement, and glory of the “sport of kings” with anyone who joins our family.