What Makes Us Different?

What makes Shamrock Highlands different is that our managing partners will work with you to develop an investment strategy. We will listen to your goals and desired level of investment and have a discussion to develop an acquisition plan that fits your objectives.

While there are many options out there, each with their benefits and spot in the industry, we strived to offer something different and unique in the thoroughbred marketplace. We tailor what we do to what you want to achieve.

On Investment Availability...

The others claim horses and then offer shares or ownership percentages. Some may offer interests of horses in training. These partnerships often use a simple “take it or leave it” approach. The prospective interest-owner is left to pick from horses that are currently available, and is essentially on their own when it comes to developing and implementing a broader portfolio-ownership strategy.

Shamrock Highlands Thoroughbreds will work with your desired resource investment and personal goals to build a strategy, and go to work to put the pieces in place--by seeking out acquisitions available privately, in upcoming sales, our available shares of current partnerships, or claiming opportunities for the partnership.

On Geographic and Scaling Investment Opportunities...

The others typically tie a shareholder to a region, a trainer, or a stable.

Shamrock Highlands Thoroughbreds' structure covers all the major US racing regions. We'll help you to develop ownership shares in the right place and situation for what you want to accomplish. Our national footprint means that our partnership offers you a broader ownership availability, as well as the opportunity to send the partnership's horses where they'll develop best and have the greatest potential, ensuring our partners have the best chance for success and profit.

On Costs and Ownership Portions...

The others have roll-up costs and fees, and offer 'micro shares' of properties with ownership on paper, but negligible involvement, influence or communication in the stake.

Shamrock Highlands Thoroughbred's costs are broken down to be straightforward and transparent. Costs are structured to maintain the basic costs of operation, but partners only make money when you do. Our minimum available stake is 10% ownership, which gives you skin in the game, and a real sense of ownership.

On Acquisitions...

The others allow you to buy shares in a horse or horses that are already owned by the stable or partner.

Shamrock Highlands Thoroughbreds also offer horses with open available shares for sale, but when making additional purchases, we search and selects horses to match the strategies and goals of our partners. After our homework is done and we've ensured it is in line with our strict criteria, we make the purchase by negotiating a favorable price (with exception to claims. [See our Costs page for more details.]) If our partners have their needs fully met, we will always be on the lookout for opportunities. In some cases, the managing partners will make full investment purchases up-front and offer ownership shares at some point in the future. 

Like any successful business, the strategic basics are all present: develop a solid plan, commit to due diligence by doing the research and paying close attention to every detail, and execute.